If you are drilling – hit the pause button for a minute.  Drilling is an awesome (the best really) way to improve the mechanics of your game.  Having trouble with your third shot?  Drill.  Service yips?  Drill.

 But wait a minute, didn’t you say to stop drilling?

 I did.  But not forever.  Just for a minute.

 Here’s why: drilling is an awesome (the best really) way to improve the mechanics of your game.  BUT – only if you are using the correct mechanics when you drill.

Think about it.  The whole point of drilling is repetition – you develop muscle memory through repetition.  Drilling = Muscle memory = consistency = confidence = better results.

Here’s the rub.  Too often players are drilling using the wrong mechanics.  If you are doing this, then you should STOP.

Not only will you not improve, you are memorizing bad stroke mechanics, making things worse.  You are better off going to a movie or enjoying a good book than drilling incorrectly.

Want to drill (and you should if you want to improve)?  Then: 

  1. before you start drilling, make sure you have a clear understanding of the technique you are working on improving and
  2. as you drill, make sure to stop occasionally to check your technique (either with your drilling partner or video of your stroke).

You can hit the play button and resume (or take up) drilling as part of your game improvement regimen.  Just make sure you are drilling correctly.

Good luck out there.


Thanks to Wikilmages at Pixabay for the photo.

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Message from Tony:

These blogs  are written to make players think about their pickleball game on and off the court . If they challenge players to think about the game from a different perspective, I feel that I have done my job. Remember to enjoy the game and try not to get stuck in the weeds.