Obsessive Pickleball Disorder Board Game



Pickleball Designs' O.P.D. board game is designed to bring you and your friends hours of fun playing the game you love from a different perspective.

Rather than dinking, spinning, driving, or lobbing your opponents, you are going to test them in many other Pickleball ways:

Questions will challenge them with in depth knowledge of trivia and rules dealing with pickleball. Some will lead to heated arguments. Some will result in virtual bodily harm to the USAPA ruling body. Some will shake bxeliefs you had held since you first picked up a paddle.

Dinks will bring out the worst in you. That visceral competitive spirit you never knew you had until you started 'playing' pickleball. You and your opponents will engage in games of skill, smarts, talent, strength, tenacity until you are all rolling on the floor or decide never to speak to one another again.


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