Getting Started with Pickleball

The following provides recommended videos from In2Pickle and additional resources if you are new to the awesome pickleball world. If you have decided to play in a tournament, see the next table for tournament tips. If you are ready to start your pickleball journey to becoming a 4.0 player, visit our Project 4.0 webpage. Enjoy your pickleball journey!

Rules for how to play pickleball:








Play basics:






Equipment for play:






Where to play:




    • Contact the individual listed, as this person is usually an ambassador of the sport to help players get involved. Ask about open play times and get out there to play.

Tournament Tips for All Player Levels (Especially Beginners)

If you have signed up for your first tournament, be sure to review this section to help you prepare before and during your tournament. Some of the videos/resources also provide strategies that may be beneficial to you as you advance to the next level.

Warm-up routine:




Taking care of yourself:


Use your timeouts:




Targeting a player:



Understanding scoring:


Playing conditions:


Three tips to close down angles:


Margin of error drills:


Defusing the banger:





How to Reduce Unforced Errors: