We are known for our Project 4.0 – helping players, from beginner to 4.0 achieve a benchmark 4.0 level – and for our point breakdowns and in-depth video analysis.

What if we could combine these skills in an online interactive classroom where we teach you a best practices’ approach to maximize your pickleball improvement?

Now we can.

In these classes, you will:

  • Learn the dos and don’ts of the game (best practices)
  • Analyze play to help you “see” the game
  • Come away with a better understanding of the game

These classes are interactive. You will be able to ask questions and engage in a conversation about the topics covered. Classes consist of 4 sessions once per week (45-50 minutes per session). You can sign up for the classes here:

For 1 or 2 classes

For 3 classes (includes a 50% discount on the third class)

For an additional active viewer at the same computer.

If less than 4 students enroll for a class we will offer you the choice of another class or a full refund.

We are organizing classes based on interests and availability of the students. Laurie will ask you some questions about your play level, interests, and times that you are available. From there Laurie will make some suggestions and you can then decide.

The classes we are filling now are:

  1. How to play the return side of the ball - stopping your opponents from scoring.
  2. How to play the serve side of the ball - scoring more points.
  3. Get the errors out - reduce errors and improve your results.
  4. The Soft Game - how to defuse the banger and win soft.

If you are interested in learning more about this game we love, these classes will provide you with a great opportunity to do so in a safe learning environment. On-court learning is good for things like stroke mechanics. But online teaching is equally valuable, particularly when it comes to strategies, concepts, and critical analysis skills; all difficult to teach in the heat of on-court battle.

Hope to see you in class.