Improve your pickleball doubles play by moving as a team. This is a deep dive. Lots of strategic concepts in there so let’s get In2 it. You can skip ahead to a section as noted below. We break down the 2017 Nationals 50+ 4.5 mixed doubles gold medal match between Jon Post and Sylvia Whitehouse vs. Chuck Feinstein and Camille Hughes.
Thank you to Rich Geenen (Chasing Dill) for allowing us to use the video.
If you want to focus on a certain section (references are to time on the video):
Moving as a team – 1:02
Third shot concepts – 7:30
Return of serve concepts – 9:11
Other shot selection concepts – 10:45
Return of serve stacking concepts – 14:00
The Paddle Tap – 15:40
Links to videos:
Respect the “X”:
Covering the middle:
Original match video:
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