The playing conditions for your tournament can have a huge impact on your tournament results, particularly if you are not ready for them. Here we try to help you minimize their impact.
Tony Roig
In2Pickle Player Development.

Forecast: RAIN!

There is always a chance of rain during an outdoor tournament. If you play the US Open you are pretty much guaranteed rain at some point. Be prepared for one or more breaks in the action and don’t let it affect your concentration. Bring extra socks in case.

Playing the wind

A. In rec play, you normally just play on whatever side you are on. Not much thought goes into it.
B. If you are platying the US Open in Naples, you can expect swirling winds. The wind will be blowing into you, switch to the side, and then be in your face.
C. You need to be cognizant of where the wind is every point
D. It might be in your face one point and behind you the next.
E.Make sure you are adjusting your starting court position based on wind conditions.
F. Also make sure you are adjusting your shots to compensate for the wind (harder into the wind and not as hard with the wind).
G.And make sure you are watching the ball into your paddle - the ball is particularly though to play in the wind

Ya burnt!

If you are playing outdoors at a tournament, it is easy to get carried away with the day. Matches are being called, you are watching a match or two, your friends say hello, etc. It is easy to forget your sunscreen. Don’t do it. You can get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes. Not only will being sunburnt be painful, it will definitely hamper your play. And for Pete’s sake - reapply

Avoid dark colors

Color selection is a personal matter. To some players, color coordination is key. To others, less so. But what all players should consider is trying not to wear dark colors (including black). It has been shown that dark colored garments retain more heat that lighter clothing, resulting in your being hotter than necessary. Keep that in mind when making your wardrobe selections.