Ballszie Pickleball Holder

Color: Black


Ballszie Pickleball Holder

Use the Ballzie Pickleball Holder instead of interrupting the flow of the game to chase after a ball.  This pickleball holder fits snug around your waist so that it does not jostle while you are playing.  The holder is a very lightweight  at 8 ounces and holds up to 6 pickleballs. The can be adjusted up to 52”. This holder eliminates having to search for clothing with loose pockets to hold extra balls.   The light mesh fabric makes it easy to check how many balls you have stashed.

Available in the following colors: black and hot pink.

Mila:  I didn't know this product existed until I played in Huston, TX.  I found that it was nice not having to worry about interrupting the next court to ask for them to return my ball.  This is convenient for a club who provides balls for the group.  

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