Pickleball Training Poly Spot Marker Set



Aim small, miss small!  That is what my coaches told me when I wanted to improve my Pickleball game.  Being able to perfectly  place your shot is a key element to this game.  These Champion Sport poly dots will help you gain accuracy every time you aim for your target.  The vibrant colors are easily visible on the court. You will have no trouble continuing play after the you make your goal of hitting the target, because the ball easily bounces off of it.   You can finally practice your shots while working on your consistency. 

  • Large 10" poly spot markers indicate court position or drill station
  • Resists rips and tears for added durability
  • Non-skid vinyl material won't slide when stepped on
  • Set of 6 (1 of each)  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple

Checkout this video of Jill and Tony demonstrating the drills.


Mila Approved:  I came across these poly dots at the PPR training I went to last year.  The instructor used them in many of her drills.  Holly and I now use these targets in the drill sessions we run.  When I drill I use them to work on placement of my shots.  If you are wanting to improve your Pickleball game these will  definitely help.

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