Florida Pickleball League - Individual Registration

Region: Greater Tampa Bay


Florida's premier pickleball league.  This is for an individual registration for the league.  It does not include coaching - you can add discounted coaching - $35 for 2 sessions (a 40% savings) at time of registration.  Otherwise, the sessions are available (subject to space) for $30 per session.

This is a player improvement league - meaning that player improvement is part of your commitment to yourself as a part of the league.  There are three ways that you can go about this: (a) you can opt into the league coach play (see above), (b) you can pursue your own coaching with a qualified instructor, or (c) you can affirm that you are pursuing a program of improvement through self-study and drilling.  Registration in the league without registering for league coach play is your commitment to either working independently with you own instructor or self-study and drilling.

Select your region and make sure to note your team name (or team captain) in the notes.  If you need help being assigned to a team, please let us know and we will work to get you in the league.  You can add a note in the Cart (at the bottom click "Add a note to your order") to ensure we track you to the correct team.

If you have any questions, contact Laurie@In2Pickle.com or Tony@In2Pickle.com.

We look forward to a great league season.

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