In2Pickle Academy Online Classes Summer 2020



Learn to break down game play and "see" the game as we do. Pick 3 classes from the below catalog. Let us know the classes and time slots you would like to attend. You can add it in Notes in your cart - you do this at checkout. You can also email to let her know.

The classes are 4 sessions each. The cost includes all 4 sessions for each class. If you cannot make a session time, you can make it up (assuming there is space in the other session).

This is for 1 viewer. The classes are based on number of students. A second active viewer from the same computer can register for 50% of the regular price. Click here to add an additional viewer.

If you are signing up for 3 classes, click here (the third class is 50% off).

Register here after Laurie has confirmed your spot in the class.

See you in class.

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