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This is In2Pickle’s ultimate personalized video analysis for one player.  Our deep dive point breakdown is now available to you – for a limited time.  We are taking a break from our normal video production schedule to provide personalized video feedback to pickleball players looking to improve their game. 

We will analyze up to 10 minutes of video to determine:

  1. Stroke deficiencies (e.g., step-hitting),
  2. Conceptual areas for improvement (e.g., not taking advantage of attack opportunities), and
  3. Areas for improvement (e.g., split step).

You will receive a feedback video from us with notations and Tony’s commentary on your game. This is a player analysis for one player even if the video includes multiple players so let us know which player you are in your video (if we have not met).

Note that we do not provide feedback on the entire video submitted.  We crop out those portions of the video that deem relevant to provide you the relevant information about your play.

While we may identify numerous areas in which work is required, our feedback video will focus on those areas that we deem to require the most attention or what you should focus on now.  In other words, the feedback video is not intended to cover every single area for improvement – just the main ones we think will improve your game the most.

For an example of our analysis video, watch this deep down video.

You do not need any specialized equipment. You will only need a smartphone or camera with reasonable video filming capabilities – whether it is yours or borrowed from a family member or friend.  Your current phone is probably plenty good. You will need a $10-15 tripod that can be attached to a court fence (here is one I use - you may also need to add the phone grabber to attach to the tripod, Amazon will suggest one no doubt). If no court fence is available, the tripod will be $20 or so (here is one I use - you may also need to add the phone grabber to attach to the tripod, Amazon will suggest one no doubt). Just make sure you weigh it down so it does not tip over (trust me on this). Normally, you will be able to send us the file from your telephone over Wi-Fi (internet connection).  If the file will not send through email, you can send it to us by using  without an account or any download. 

In either case, you would send the file to – write “Video Player Analysis - First Name Last Name” in the subject line.  In the email, please identify which player is you in the video and any areas of particular concern that you may have about your game.  If different than yours, please also send us the name of the person who ordered the video analysis.

For instructions and helpful tips on how to record your video using your smartphone and a tripod, refer to this YouTube video provided by Tech Talk: How to Record.

For questions, contact me at

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