Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleballs 6-pack of balls

Color: Yellow


This price is for a 6-pack of balls.

The Onix Pure 2 Pickleball is a solid outdoor ball for use by beginners and for rec play.  This ball offers a great amount of playability and feel and is just a fun ball to play with.

The Onix Pure 2 Pickleball does not crack and will last for a long time without the need for replacement.  It is also a great training ball.

We recommend the following outdoor pickleballs, depending on circumstances:

  1. Dura 40.  This ball is for 4.0+ pickleball players or pickleball players who are practicing for tournaments.
  2. Onix Pure 2.  This ball is the best for beginners and for rec play.  Even though the Pure 2 is sold as an outdoor ball, it can be used indoors as well.  This ball is not used in tournament play.

Remember that when we use the term "outdoors" we mean outdoor surfaces - whether covered or not.  For example, if you are playing on indoor tennis courts the surface is still an outdoor surface.

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