Pickleball All Day T-Shirt Short Sleeve

Size: X-Small
Color: White
Vinyl Color: Pink/Pink Ball


If we aren't playing Pickleball we are usually having a conversation about Pickleball.  If we aren't playing or talking about Pickleball we're probably thinking about Pickleball.  This is the perfect shirt for the Pickleball obsessed woman.  We put this on a soft Triblend  t-shirt that comes in a variety of colors.  We can do pink vinyl with pink ball or a pink glitter ball.  For Ohio State fans we can make it a plain red ball or a glitter red ball.  We can make a teal ball or a glitter teal ball. If you do a white shirt it will have the color background and the black letters.

**NOTE: All shirts are handmade. We make every effort to ship your item within 7 days from ordering.

 This shirt is available in White, Heather Grey, Heather Dark Grey, Black

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