Play Pickleball - A Beginner's Guide - the digital book



Everything you need to know to play pickleball in one book. What you need to play - where to play - how to hit a pickleball - how to play a point - scoring a game - even some fundamental strategy to make sure you start off on the right foot.

The most comprehensive introduction to pickleball. With this one book you will be able to step onto the court with confidence and play this amazing sport.

Easy to follow illustrations and photos to help guide you through learning the game of pickleball.

If you are new to the game you can learn everything you need to know in this one book. No experience in tennis or other sports required. You can pick up a paddle and be playing pickleball in 5 minutes. After that, it will give you a lifetime of friends, activity and learning.

Makes a great gift for your friend or family member who is thinking about starting pickleball. The book will provide a good foundation before the first time on a court.

Your complete guide to pickleball. If you are looking for a book on how to play pickleball, this is it.

Join us on the journey.

Jill and Tony

This book is a digital download. You will get a link after purchase. 

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