SWIFT Premium Portable Pickleball Net



In my years of playing, I have used all sorts of portable pickleball nets.  While they do the job, they are often heavy and difficult to set up.  They also tend to stick (the parts stick together on assembly/disassembly). Finally, these other nets are made out of metal and will eventually rust.

The SwiftNet solves these issues.  It is light and easy to set up.  It is made of recycled aerospace-grade carbon fiber - light, rust resistant, and recycled.

This net is more expensive than other portable nets.  But if you are investing in a portable net, then you are serious about the game.  This net will last you a long time, save you a ton of time in set up and take down, and give you a better playing experience (a truer net - more similar to a permanent court's net).

This net was designed with the help of Glen Peterson.  Glen is not only a world class pickleball player and one very nice guy, he is a pickleball addict who has designed a pickleball paddle and not this net.

If you are in the market for a portable net, this is the one for you.

If you want to see more about this net, you can check out this video:


This net weighs 12 pounds and requires assembly/disassembly (it is portable after all).  The net includes a carrying case.

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