Thorlos Pickleball Socks

Size: Small


Play longer in Thorlos Pickleball socks.  The Thorwick Cool fibers help reduce blisters when you are making quick movements on the courts.  There is extra padding on the heel and support on the Achilles was designed to reduce impact from jumping and landing.  These are mini crew so you don't have to worry about the heel sliding down into your shoe.  These are the ideal socks for clocking in long hours of Pickleball.

Mila Approved:  I have a lot of pain in my feet.  I am good for about 2 hours of play and then all I can think about is how badly my feet hurt.  I tried these socks and loved them.  I like that they are a little taller than no show socks. I HATE when my socks start sliding down into my shoes.  They are super padded and fit snugly on my feet.  I noticed that my feet did not hurt after only 2 hours of play.  That makes these socks priceless!


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