Tourna Specs

Color: BLUE


Tourna Specs

Tourna Specs are the perfect solution for protecting your eyes from that face paced ball coming right at your face.  The goal of each color lens is to make the game easier to play by increasing visibility or decreasing distortion. The amber and blue lens make the ball easier to see. The blue lens make yellow pickleballs stand out. The clear lenses were designed to combat distortion typical to eyewear.

The Tourna Specs have a wide structure, giving players full visibility.  there is a unique coating applied to the lenses that protect the glasses from fogging up and scratching. Each pair of eyewear is customizable in the temples. The comfort strap can be tightened or loosened in order to give you a perfect fit. The glasses are long-lasting and shatterproof.

The Tourna Specs should be found in every Pickleball player’s bag to keep eyes safe.

Available in the following colors: blue, amber and clear

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