In2Pickle is your pickleball home. Everything from educational videos to tested and vetted pickleball products, all aimed at improving your game.

The following is a short video about In2Pickle or read on :-)...

Jill and I formed In2Pickle in 2018 so that we could share our knowledge and passion for this awesome sport, and be a positive influence and resource for all things pickleball. I became an IPTPA Pickleball Master Teaching Professional, and create the videos on our In2Pickle YouTube channel >>>

We are former tennis players who converted to pickleball completely in 2016. We are based out of Clearwater Beach, Florida, but you may run into us anywhere as we travel the country in our RV (Matilda) playing pickleball pretty much everywhere along the way.

As we travel the US in our RV, we get asked a lot of questions about doubles strategies (stacking, shadow shift), what we wear (shoes, compressions), how we take care of our pickleball paddles (edge guard, overgrip), and ourselves (hydration, snacks). In2Pickle gives us a place to share this knowledge. Additionally, we want to offer fun pickleball apparel so we formed a partnership with "Molly" (Mila and Holly from Columbus, Ohio) who make amazing customized pickleball shirts.