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This Catalog includes links to videos and written materials aimed to help you as you get started down your pickleball path. The materials are organized in the same manner as our book, Play Pickleball – a Beginner’s Guide. You can purchase a copy of the book here.

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We hope you find these resources helpful and welcome to the family.

What you Need to Play

Everything you need to play pickleball:


The In2Pickle Paddle Guide for New Players

The In2Pickle Paddle Test – 3 questions to help you pick a paddle

More videos about paddles, balls, shoes, where to play, and everything for the new player: Pickleball for New Players Complete Playlist

More pickleball gear thoughts and suggestions: In2Pickle Gear Guide

Where to Play

Find places to play pickleball or forge your own path with the court dimensions:

Playing Pickleball on a Tennis Court | NO Permanent Lines Needed

Pickleball court dimensions

How to Hit the Pickleball

All the shots you need to play pickleball:

Paddle Grip

Using the Continental Grip - the Definitive Video

How to Grip Your Paddle - The Continental Grip

Grip Charts:

Right-Handed Grip Chart

Left-Handed Grip Chart

Pendulum Swing

The best swing for pickleball: the pendulum

Forehand Pendulum Swing

Backhand Pendulum Swing


The Long Groundstroke

The Short Groundstroke (the dink)

Master the pickleball dink

Third Shot Drop Breakdown


3 Tips to a Better Pickleball Serve

A drill to help you learn the serve

How to hit the drop serve


How to Hit the Volley

Playing a Pickleball Game

This game video will show you some play and how players move around during and between points (rallies). These players are seasoned players.

 If you want to play singles, this post will give you some basic structure: 

Singles Pickleball Strategies | Tips for Beginner to Advanced

These videos (created by Pure Pickleball) give you a good overview of a game in action and are well-filmed and put together: Pickleball Introduction & Definitions, Pickleball Serving & Scoring, and Rules & Gameplay.

Scoring a Pickleball Game

Our friend Rick Johnson placed scoring on this game (plus you can hear the referee with the score calls). It is a good game between really good players. Rick has some other good games on his channel – check them out. 

Fundamental Strategy

Start playing pickleball right with these strategies:

Serve Strategy

Pickleball Serve - Use the Forehand

Serve deep not hard

The Pickleball Serve and Return Complete Playlist

Return Strategy

The most important shot in pickleball - The return of serve

Where to aim your Pickleball RETURN - There is ONE SPOT

Avoid this Pickleball Error and Get up to the Line

The Pickleball Serve and Return Complete Playlist 

NVZ Play Strategy

No 2 Error in Pickleball - Playing off the NVZ line

Learn how to AGGRO-DINK | Improve your NVZ play

Pickleball Dinks and Third Shots Complete Playlist

If you are ready for more (and prepared to lose your mind a bit in the process)

Pickleball Errors and Fixes Complete Playlist

Pickleball Strategy - Moving as a team, shaping the shot, and other pickleball topics


Some game ideas to get you started:

Pickleball Drills for 2 players - Jill & Tony | In2Pickle

2-Player Games Guide (Written)

Pickleball Games, Drills, and Exercises Complete Playlist

Pickleball Rules