Our perspective:

It may seem odd at first: learning pickleball on a computer screen. We assure you that it is not, however. In fact, it is better than on-court learning for strategy and understanding the game better. Plus, it comes with our always guarantee: not happy - for any reason? Complete refund no questions asked.

Still not sure?

Our students' perspectives:

“I think the classes are brilliant. The lesson on the Return of Serve has changed my game in so many ways ... The second Zoom class gave me an opportunity for clarification and discussion of the Return of Serve and touched on the 4th shot. I'm looking forward to further instruction on the 4th shot next week. 

Last summer I took a 3 day intensive course with a top rated pro. Although I enjoyed the class and the people  there was no real take away for me. In retrospect I think it was too much information all at once. However, in one Zoom class with Tony and In2Pickle I have learned a skill that immediately changed my understanding, strategy and execution. I have been a student of Pickleball since I started and have worked very hard at improvement. But nothing changed my game so dramatically as just one class with Tony and In2Pickle. I have always enjoyed In2Pickle youtube videos but the Zoom format takes learning  to a whole new level. To be able to get immediate clarification and feedback from Tony is outstanding.

Tony and Laurie kept the class focused and on task."

Lynn - June, 2020

“I suspect that most pickleball players are like me. We measure if we won the point or lost the point.  Tony provides insight into why the point was won or lost (mechanics, shot selection, court position).  With this knowledge I can win more points in the future by doing more of the good and less of the bad stuff.  With Tony showing examples of others making errors I can absorb it without having to defend my own play (I didn't do that)."

Bob - June, 2020

“I am really enjoying your approach of analysis.  I am finding that the process of looking at the game scenarios really affirms the key basics.  When I am out on the court I am now more focused on the things we’ve been listening to and discussing; the play somehow feels more relaxing???"

Heather - June, 2020

"Tony is fluent in the language of pickleball. He’s clear in his instructions about his lesson for the hour. He has an assistant, Laurie, who helps with the technology, so the online live lesson is seamless. All questions get answered during the session or in a personal email after the session. I know Tony is not a trained psychologist, but I always leave his virtual lessons feeling better about myself and my game.

Another reason I enjoy In2Pickle’s Virtual classes is that Tony Roig has a sense of humor that shines through his lessons. It’s actually fun to listen and to participate while he chats about the joys and sorrows, hopes and fears of all of us who at times take pickleball too seriously.
I’m so glad I signed up for lessons. I’m going to encourage my doubles partners to sign up with me next time so we can practice together later.
Did I mention that these lessons are much less expensive than face to face lessons? Cost and time effective. Win Win."
Martha - June, 2020
“The class ran smoothly. Tony really knows what he’s doing”. 

Liz - June 2020

“Great session tonight. Love the layout and class-size”.

Joe - June, 2020

“I have found the online classes very helpful and full of great tips. Thanks Laurie and Tony”. 

Judy - June 2020