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What is online pickleball learning?

You want to improve as a pickleball player. But how?

We want to help you improve as a pickleball player. But how?

The In2Pickle Academy - Online is how. We can use the advantages of modern technology to connect: we provide you with our information and you ask questions and (with any luck) get answers. These classes and workshops are LIVE and interactive.

You learn through discussion and video analysis and point breakdown. Before the session you will review the video and materials so that you are primed and ready to work through the points with us. Our objective is that you acquire the skills necessary to break down your own game, as well as that of your opponents, to maximize your results.

We have found that the online teaching approach has exceeded our expectations in terms of the value it has provided to our students. The reason for this is that you can focus on the concept and the game play without the added stress of being on court at the same time. Players in other sports spend time in the classroom studying game tape to learn their sports. There is no reason why we as pickleballers cannot use the same approach to learning with our live and online courses. You can see what our students have thought at


What do the students think?

Not sure about the "online" format of the teaching? See what our students think about it here.

What if I do not like the online learning experience?

This is a no-risk proposition. You can try out the class. If you do not like it, for any reason, we will refund your fees, no questions asked.

What classes and workshops are available?

We are forming classes and workshops all the time based on demand and the sorts of courses that will best help our students.

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It does not matter where you are (or us for that matter). The connection is made and the knowledge shared.


Let's get better and become the best players we all can be.

See you in class.